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Our soaps and salves are made with the highest standards we do not use synthetic ingredients and we certainly do not use non-sustainable Palm Oil.


Even though the FDA does not require disclosure of ingredients, you will find the ingredients clearly stated on the Ingredients page on this website as well as on the description of each product listing, and on the product label. 


We make sure to use junk free ingredients and try to use organic ingredients as much as possible. Our Palm Oil is procured only from vendors that are members of RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. To learn more about RSPO please go to


Our soaps are made with 100% pure essential oils, we also use 100% phthalate free fragrance oils.  The clays and mica we use to color our products are skin safe FDA approved for soap making use.  


Cruelty free vegan products are available.  In addition, we make every effort to ensure our products are environmentally conscious.



Method of Soap Making


At Lazuli Artisan we make Cold Process soap by combining oils, distilled water, and sodium hydroxide (lye). This combination causes a chemical reaction called saponification.  Once saponified we add scent, clay, and/or mica.  Then we pour it into molds and set it aside for a 24-48 hour period. Lastly, we unmold the soap, cut it into bars and place it in a clean environment to cure for at least 6-8 weeks.



Ingredients typically used in our soaps:


Coconut Oil

Olive Oil Pomace

Palm Oil

Castor Oil

Shea Butter

Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

Sodium Lactate (liquid salt)

Distilled Water


Additional ingredients may include:


Sweet Almond Oil

Sunflower Oil

Avocado Oil

Grapeseed Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Hemp Oil

Calendula Infused Olive Oil

Lavender Infused Olive Oil

Chamomile Infused Olive Oil

Turmeric Infused Olive Oil

Annatto Infused Olive Oil

Nettle Leaf Infused Olive Oil

Alkanet Infused Olive Oil

Mango Butter

Cocoa Butter

Aloe Extract

Goat Milk


Organic Homegrown Loofah

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